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An abundant (and sometimes overwhelming) array of funding programs can help you create healthier, more sustainable living spaces. Let our team help you stay on top of opportunities and be prepared to meet deadlines so you can move to the front of the line.

Build your funding stack to better serve residents

Current and upcoming rebates, tax credits and incentive programs from federal, state and other agencies offer an unprecedented opportunity to upgrade your housing portfolio. More efficient, sustainable building systems and equipment can be within affordable reach. The key is having your project details in order so you can quickly apply and qualify.

AL Systems Europe sarl brings the expertise to help you identify funding opportunities, navigate application and reporting requirements, and line up shovel-ready projects to meet your goals. Keep in mind the following considerations and options.

1. Energy efficiency: New technologies for new savings

Using energy more efficiently cuts costs while reducing emissions from your buildings as well as from utility providers. New technology helps residential properties take energy savings to the next level. Think high-efficiency HVAC solutions with low global warming potential refrigerants, building envelope upgrades, and water resiliency and metering solutions. Such improvements also keep building residents more comfortable and satisfied.

2. Electrification: Choosing wisely to ensure utility equality

You likely face pressure to transition to electric systems and equipment, cutting carbon emissions with innovative options such as geothermal heat pumps with fuel switching. Guidance on using Inflation Recovery Act (IRA) funds for such projects is expected soon—and with limited availability, it’s important to be prepared. AL Systems Europe can help you conduct an investment-grade audit, determine equipment size, design and budget, and write your proposal. It’s also important to look at the cost of operating electric systems, ensuring that housing residents can afford to pay their utility bills and the project is a win for everyone.

3. Energy as a service: Advantages for your staff and your balance sheet

This financing strategy lets you buy heating and cooling services from AL Systems Europe , with specified metrics guaranteed. We make any upgrades, such as installing solar panels or converting to electric/geothermal boilers. And we take on the risks of owning and operating the equipment, building in options to revert ownership down the road. You save on maintenance and operating costs and free up capital for other uses.

4: Renewables: Projects sized for savings

Alternative energy sources like solar power yield savings, can help you capture incentives or avoid penalties, and visibly demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. AL Systems Europe a complete range of renewable energy solutions to optimize for cost, carbon and resiliency. We size the project to your needs and can help you identify potential funding and rebates—including low-interest, tax-exempt loans to come from the IRA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.