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«Lun-9C» is used as a GSM communicator in cases when protected object already has a multi-zone security device with the possibility of redial, but its telephone line is of poor quality.

«Lun-9C» connects to this unit instead of a phone line and sends all events to the monitoring station via GSM-channel.

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«Lun-9C» has the following characteristics:

  •  Work with 3G networks (for 2 sim-cards);
  • ˆˆ three 24-hour zones;
  • ˆˆ memory for 24 events;
  • ˆˆ supply voltage of 10-14 V;
  • ˆˆ GSM voice channel as a back-up channel to communicate with the monitoring station;
  • ˆˆ allows using 2 sim-cards


«Lun-9C» connects to any panel supporting ContactD protocol or 20 bps pulse protocol.

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 cm

2G, 3G


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