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TK-17 communicator


PSTN communicator for the Lun-11 control panel.


PSTN communicator for the Lun-11 control panel. Which is mainly used as a backup channel. Contact ID protocol is used for reporting
On the receiver side, you can use telephone line receiver like SurGard MLR2 or any other connected to the Alarm Monitoring Softwareˆ.

  • compatible with ˆ«Lun-11»;
  • numberˆ of ˆ24-hour ˆzonesˆ–ˆ1ˆ(test ˆbutton ˆto ˆcheckˆ theˆ connectionˆ duringˆ installation);
  • ˆˆsupportsˆ transmissionˆ – ˆonly ˆContactIDˆ (DTMF); ˆˆ
  • supportsˆ tone ˆandˆ pulseˆ dial ˆmodes;
  • ˆˆwiredˆ firmware ˆupdate.

Additional information

Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 cm


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